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    Sorting linked sheets (2002)

    I have one workbook in which data is entered on sheet1 (e.g., last name, first name, and other information).
    On sheet2, I populate the rows in column 1 and 2 with the last name and first name whenever there was one on sheet1.

    The user then enters other data on sheet2.

    However, periodically, the user wants to sort both sheet1 and sheet2 so that it's alphabetical by last name. And, It needs to rather simplified as in a button that'll do it.
    How do I do this without getting the links messed up? For example, on sheet2 A1 is =if(isblank(sheet1!A1),"",sheet1A1), etc.

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    Re: Sorting linked sheets (2002)

    If you use links, the cells in column A and B on Sheet2 will be sorted with the cells on Sheet 1 because of the link formulas, but neighboring columns on Sheet2 will not be sorted with A and B. Instead of link formulas, you should use constant values in Sheet2, and use macros to add, remove and sort records. The workbook attached to <post#=446614>post 446614</post#> contains such code (it was written with help from the Lounge, so there should be no objection to using it)

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