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    Save Password Setting Not Retained in Outlook (Windows XP)


    Despite the heroic efforts of HansV and StuartR (we're talking conspicuous gallantry here) in October, the pop-up-like Network Password prompt has returned. It pops up and interrupts whatever's happening on the computer every :30 seconds.

    I retraced and recreated all the steps we took to resolve it then, including steps from the MS Knowledge Base (article 290684) and StuartR's brilliant discovery of an undocumented Microsoft error for permissions on the Protect Storage System Provider. But what worked like magic then isn't working now. (FYI, the thread is titled: Regedit32/System Administrator?)

    The network password prompt has seriously scrambled my e-mailing capabilities.

    Now what do I do?

    Thank you.


    P.S. In case things weren't challenging enough, my ISP had a network outage a few days ago that made it unable to authenticate. Despite the network's eventual restoration the problem has only become worse.

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    Re: Save Password Setting Not Retained in Outlook (Windows XP)

    For others reading this: the thread Neal refers to starts at <post#=414332>post 414332</post#>.

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