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    Templates (2002/2003)

    Can anyone tell me where Publisher stores the default templates? I have a user who would like to create several templates for the university and store them in the file, new dialogue box. They actually wanted to try deleting all the existing templates and only make available a "set" of standardized templates.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Templates (2002/2003)

    Hi Melanie,
    According to Publisher Help, "By default, both Publisher 2002 and Publisher 2003 save template files to the folder (Cocuments and SettingsusernameApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates). In Publisher 2003, the Templates option appears in the New Publication task pane only if you have already saved publications as template files to this folder. If you save templates somewhere other than the default templates folder, they will not appear under the Templates option in the New Publication task pane. If you have not saved any templates to the default templates folder, the Templates option will not appear in the New Publication task pane." NOTE: you will have to ensure that the "use New Publication task pane at startup" is selected (Tools>Options>General tab).

    Unlike Word, where you can define the location for workgroup templates (i.e. a central location that can be accessed by all users), Publisher (to my knowledge) has no such capablities. As a result, you will have to repeat this procedure for each user.

    I think that your user who wants to delete all of the existing templates is actually referring to the wizards that are available for new publications. I know no way of deleting them.
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