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    Workgroup template shortcut (Word 2003)

    I've read the treads concerning workgroup template access and frankly most of the questions and responses are over my head.

    I have workgroup templates on our network and have everyone's worksstation pathing to the network location (through Tools, Options, File Locations) so that employees access the templates by going to:
    Templates on my computer

    This method works well because employees have no choice but to "save as" and thus cannot modify the actual templates.

    Can I create a shortcut to reduce the three steps to one or two steps? Obviously I do not want to create a shortcut directly to the template folder because I don't want to expose them to accidental alteration. What would be nice is a menu item under File that says Workgroup templates. Any chance of that?


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    Re: Workgroup template shortcut (Word 2003)

    <img src=/S/yep.gif border=0 alt=yep width=15 height=15> Microsoft has hidden it but you can resurrect it.

    Go to the menu View / Toolbars / Customize and switch to the commands tab. On left select "All commands" and on the right locate FileNewDialog. Then click and drag it from there to the toolbar or File menu. Once it's where you want it, right click and change the name assigned to it (I think it comes in saying "Other" or something similarly vague) and press enter. Then close the Customize dialog and you have your new button.

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