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    Table Field Data Types (Access 2002 SP3)

    I need to be able to change the data types of fields in a table using VBA.
    For example, I have a field that is Numeric, Single and I need to change it to a Text field - length 11 after processing the data in the table.
    I can do it in table design but was wondering if that possible using VBA?

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    Re: Table Field Data Types (Access 2002 SP3)

    It's possible, but how you do it depends on how your database is set up and on your own personal preferences. An easy way is to simply create a new table with the desired structure and append the data to it using a query that converts the number to a string. If you have existing relationships that make that difficult, you can add a new column to the table and use an update query to convert and copy the data from the numeric field into the string field. Then you would delete the old field and rename the new one. Does that help?

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