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    commentbox and freeze pane (1)

    When I use the freezepanes method (e.g. column 3) and I put a huge commentbox
    (drawing) in a cell in column 1, the drawing is not shown fully when I scroll
    to the right.
    The comment is cut off from column 2.
    Why? Can I change this?
    I might use this in VBA.

    roland, Belgium

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    Re: commentbox and freeze pane (1)

    You can move and size the comment box so it is wholly in the frozen section. If it goes partly into the "unfrozen" part it will be cut off


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    Re: commentbox and freeze pane (1)

    Apart from removing the freeze panes, no way to change that I'm afraid.
    Jan Karel Pieterse
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    Re: commentbox and freeze pane (1)


    I'm not sure what you're asking and the relevance of the huge drawing in column 1 (ie, col A). My experience with comments is that the comment box can be less than wholly visible for several reasons. One of them is certainly the scenario you mention. I have found, at least with Excel XP and 2003 that the dimensions of a comment box may change for some mysterious reason not due to any action I take. Usually when I create a comment, I size the box so that I can see the comment text all at one time. If my text is less than the size of the initial comment box, I usually just leave it alone. Nevertheless, I have found some corruption that changes the comment box size so that my comment text is no longer entirely visible. Or my comment box mysteriously gets pushed away from being next to its cell, where I usually leave it when first creating it.

    So a simple macro will give you most of what you want:
    Sub showComment()
    Dim commenttext As String
    Dim commentlength As Integer
    On Error Resume Next
    commentlength = 0
    commenttext = ActiveCell.Comment.Text
    If (Len(commenttext) = 0) Then commenttext = "no comment in this cell"
    MsgBox commenttext, vbOKOnly, "your comment:"
    End Sub

    You can create a shortcut key for the macro and/or add a button to your toolbar for this macro. The disadvantage is that you actually have to click on the desired cell; this won't give you Excel's ability to see the comment just by resting the mouse on the cell.

    Some people also frown on using "On Error Resume Next". There are other ways to tell if a cell has a comment (eg, using the special cells with comments).


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