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Thread: Macro (Word XP)

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    Macro (Word XP)

    Hello everyone:

    I created my first Macro-Spellcheck for checking a specific document which I use daily, I saved the Macro in the actual document, and then used "Saved As" to create a template.

    How would I used this macro for all docs that I used or create without saving the macro in the file.

    Also, since I created this Macro myself, do I have to worry about a virus?


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    Re: Macro (Word XP)

    If you want the macro to be available for all documents then is the easiest place to put it.

    If you particularly don't want to put it in and have created a template which contains it then the macro will be available anytime the template is attached to the current document.

    If you don't want to attach this new template to files just to run the macro then you can make it available by going to Tools > Templates and Addins and using the Add button to add the template as a global template. Once it is in the displayed list with a tick next to it then the macros it contains will be available to all your documents.

    You won't need to worry about a virus coming from your macro - they don't use your benign creation to morph into something more sinister. You should still leave your macro security on Medium though because other viruses can still get to you independently of your own macros.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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