I have placed a image file in my Database Results area, and am trying to link the a URL address to it. This link is to very long yahoo map address, mapping the particular address of the agencies I am tracking in the underlying access database. I can link the appropriate field to the image, save it, etc., however when I click on the picture I get a 404 File not found error, and the full URL address is adding my web site address in front of the link such as:


I have tried changing the '<%=FP_FieldLink(fp_rs,"MapLink")%>' code to remove my web site address from the total hyperlink, but have not been successful.

I am inserting my image into the database results area of my page. I don't really want to insert it into my access database, unless that is the only way to fix the problem. Doing so will give me several hundred image file in my database, which in turn will make it quite large in size.

Any help is greatly appreciate.