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    Custom record navigation buttons

    I want use my own buttons for record navigation on a form, easy. Ttrouble is when the 'NavigationButtons' property is set to 'No' the current record (where you can type a record number to jump to) and record count displays go away too. Does anyone know how to recreate these with code???

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    Re: Custom record navigation buttons

    First, look at why you want to use your own controls. You won't be able to recreate the current record functionality, but it isn't hard to create navigation buttons and a textbox to display "# of #" messages. However, the only time these are really necessary is with unbound forms or if you need much larger controls for users who have trouble seeing the built in navigation controls.

    You can use the command button wizard to create navigation buttons, although you will need to add a little code to test for EOF and BOF to keep from displaying annoying error messages when the user tries to move past either end of the recordset. The message is a little more complicated, particularly if you ar using it on a subform. It requires bits of code in several different event procedures. That was discussed pretty thoroughly in this thread.

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