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    Access from the web (Access 2000)

    Hi All. Looking for some general comments and perhaps a heads up (a'm very much a novice at database stuff). An organization I'm involved with has a registration and results "program" developed in Access 2000. They are looking at moving it to the web (it involves a "multi - sport games) to allow people to register on line, and post the results to the web, live, rather than having to input all the data themselves to their current access database setup. They've been told that they will have to move to using SQL and possibly redo the database. Comments, Heads up, confirmation of the need to move to SQL etc. would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Access from the web (Access 2000)

    The move to SQL is absolutely not required - there are many web pages out there that use an Access database behind the scenes. If however you have a number of people hitting the web page over relatively short time spans, SQL Server is better suited to that kind of traffic load. There are some other options for the back-end database as well - the Lounge for example is hosted using mySQL as it's backend. One technology you would not want to use is Data Access Pages - you are restricted to the Microsoft browser and PCs that have at least some form of MS Office installed. As well, the DAP technology didn't work terribly well in 2000 - it got significantly better within its constraints in 2002 and 2003.

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