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    make Pull down list mandatory (Office 2003)

    In my form I have a pull down that will display the names of all the clients. The users select a name, and it is entered in the field. But, then I have a few lazy Uses that will enter any thing to save time on their part. This is the Code I use for the field

    'Retrieve Category info from table
    Set rst1 = db.OpenRecordset("Work4number")
    Set ctl = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message").Con trols("cboClient")
    ctl.ColumnCount = 2
    ctl.ColumnWidths = "40; 20 pt"

    'Assign Access data to an array of 2 columns and 500 rows
    CategoryArray(99, 2) = rst1.GetRows(500)
    ctl.Column() = CategoryArray(99, 2)

    How can I make it so that they can only enter from the selected list and not type in a Client, even if the client name is correct?

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    Re: make Pull down list mandatory (Office 2003)

    I haven't really looked at Outlook Forms in quite a while. In Access, however, there is a Limit To Lists property that can be set to Yes (aka True). From what you say, you might have already tried this. If not, Hope This Helps.

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