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    Access, export, and "There is no object..."

    I searched for similar error messages, and didn't find anything that looked like it was what I am experiencing, so...
    I'm using Access 97 SR-1 (no choice in this...), and I'm trying to export the results of a query to a CSV file. Should be pretty simple. I run the query, choose File, Save As/Export, and then choose "To an External File or Database" on the "Save As..." dialog that comes up. I click the "OK" button, and the "Save Query 'QueryName' In..." dialog comes up. I type in a name for the file to save, and choose Text Files (*.txt;*.csv;*.tab;*.asc) in the "Save as type:" combo box. Then I click on Export. Immediately after I click on Export, I get a message box with a title bar of "Export Text Wizard". The text of the message displayed is "There is no object in this control." There is only an OK button. When I click the OK button, I get what appears to be the first dialog of the "Export Text Wizard". However, the dialog is all blank. There are 4 buttons on the bottom - Cancel, "< Back", "Next >", and Finish. "< Back" is disabled. If I click "Next >" or Finish, another message box displays. The title is "Export Text Wizard". The message displayed is "The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist. For example, you may have assigned a form to a Form object variable, closed the form, and then refered to the object variable." There is only an OK button. When I click it, I get back to the Export Text Wizard. The only thing I can do to get anywhere at this point is to click Cancel. Of course, I don't get my CSV file. Any clues as to what's happening?
    I did a search in the MSKB. Of course, I didn't come up with anything concrete, but I did find something that might provide a clue. KB article Q177105 - ACC97: "There Is No Object in This Control" Error Inserting Web Browser Control. Of course, _I_ am not trying to insert a web browser control; who knows what Access is trying to do. At any rate, the article indicates that the control in a newer version of SHDOCVW.DLL is not recognized by Access. The article also states that "Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Access 97. This problem no longer occurs in Microsoft Access 2000". However, no workarounds or fixes are provided for Access 97. Switching versions is not an option. Not sure if this article is at all pertinent to my problem, but it's about the best that the MSKB has to offer.
    FWIW - I'm running NT4 Workstation SP6a, IE5.5SP1. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Some additional info - the same thing happens when I try to _import_ from a file as well. The "Import Text Wizard" exhibits the same behavior as the "Export Text Wizard".

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    Re: Access, export, and "There is no object..."

    Thx Vicadin for posting the solution to this prob. I got a very similar error message using Access 2000 - "no control in this form" on the same dialog you described.

    Using your solution as a template, I looked in the register and noticed that it was looking for this dll in the wrong directory. Simply solution of pointing it to the correct directory and ... bam ... problem solved.

    Again, Thx you so much for posting solution.


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    Re: RESOLVED!!! Access, export, and

    Edited by Charlotte to add hotlink to DependencyWalker site

    For those that care...
    After profiling Access with <A target="_blank" HREF=>DependencyWalker</A>, I was able to determine that ACCWIZ.DLL was not being picked up by MSACCESS.EXE. For some reason, it was trying to look for it in "Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice", when it existed in WinntSystem32. Why it couldn't find it there is beyond me. Probably mis-referenced in the registry. LoadLibrary would fail with error 126, and I'd get my bad-news dialog. All I had to do (!!!) was copy ACCWIZ.DLL from WinntSystem32 to the folder MSACCESS.EXE was looking for it in, and re-register ACCWIZ.DLL. I imagine that I could have simply registered the ACCWIZ.DLL that existed in System32, but since I have no idea how it got into System32 in the first place (other Access 97 installs around here don't have the DLL in the System32 directory)...

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