Aauugh! I have a handy-dandy search screen that accepts SQL Server wildcard '%' to output a table on hitting the db. HOWEVER, on another section of code I am reloading the page and am using the syntax <font face="Georgia">mypage.asp?SortBy=1&Provider=< %=Provider% ></font face=georgia> to load a variable. Unfortunately, referencing a search term with the wildcard % gets stripped in the inline <font face="Georgia">< % = SomeStuff % > </font face=georgia> syntax. There's a work-around for this (it's not pretty but I might do it anyway) but I was wondering if there's a way to deal with this issue.

BTW, I can't predict if or where a wildcard might be: in front or back or both on the search string text, so bear that in mind...

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