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    Enter Scanned name doing MailMerge (Word 2003)

    1. Doing a mail merge.
    2. Step one pick letter
    3. Step three pick Type a new list, create
    4. The Insert Word Field command now shows up on my toolbar.
    5. Later in the process I select Insert Word Field drop down list
    6. Select If

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    Re: Enter Scanned name doing MailMerge (Word 2003)

    The clue is "Insert this text" and what you are inserting is not text. However, you might want to try inserting a field that will bring the graphic in, i.e. the "IncludePicture" field. I am not a field afficionado but there are plenty here in the Lounge who are - so if you get stuck there should be no problem. What I suggest is that you first get the field codes right by using an ordinary (i.e. not mail merge) document to experiment and when you have got the field working correctly - the signature displays - then press Alt-F9 to display thge field codes and type that into the "insert this text" box

    You will end up with something like: { INCLUDEPICTURE "c:Signature.bmp" * MERGEFORMAT } where you have to type Ctrl-F9 to get the curly brackets. I have no idea if this will work but it may be worth a try

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