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In my Inbox, I have 3 Hotmail accounts being gathered via Outlook. Once I go to add rules and filters, Outlook tells me:

<font color=blue>"messages sent and received using HTTP e-mail accounts can not be filtered using Outlook rules..." and something about server-based rules.</font color=blue>

OK, I am using Outlook 2003 on a stand alone laptop, and don't have server based anything.

If I:
1) Copy the PST file to make a backup of it.
2) Delete the HTTP Hotmail accounts.
3) Make my rules and filters. I want to color some messages when they come in, set some flags, and move some messages from certain e-mail addresses to folders.
4) Export these rules and filters to a file.
5) Trash the PST file.
6) Reload the PST backup file.
7) Import the rules and filters.

7 step <img src=/S/flee.gif border=0 alt=flee width=25 height=25> for a simple process, or is there a better way?

Thanks for any help

PS: My laptop keyboard is broken, and my fingers are too fat to open the laptop and exchange the keyboards, now what <img src=/S/drop.gif border=0 alt=drop width=23 height=23>