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    Automated Printing of Non-Contiguous Data (Excel X

    We have 80 locations who share materials (in this case, books) and each month each location wants a report of how many items they loaned to each of the other locations, and how many items they borrowed from each of the other locations. Our computerized system allows us to download data to a single Excel spreadsheet, with the 80 locations listed down the side (column A) and across the top (row 1). Seeing the complete picture of loaned-to/borrowed-from data for each location, then, involves reading a row and column for each within this large spreadsheet. Our challenge, however, is to create a separate *small* report for each location showing their loaned-to data and their borrowed-from data as two side-by-side columns.

    We can easily create a second set of columns by copying all the rows and then pasting them, transposed, in a blank portion of the worksheet. That gives us two non-contiguous columns, each labelled with the name for a specific location, showing the two kinds of data for that location. But we're stuck on how to then print a report for each location that includes Column A (as the label column) and -- side-by-side -- the two columns of data for each location. We would like to be able to do this in one fell swoop without having to do a lot of time-consuming hiding and unhiding of columns.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Automated Printing of Non-Contiguous Data (Excel X

    You might use link formulas. The attached workbook demonstrates this on a small scale.

    The formulas in the worksheets for the locations are array formulas; they have been confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter, not just Enter. Excel has added the brackets { } around the formulas to indicate they are array formulas, I didn't type them.

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