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    mergecells and comments (1)

    Two questions according merging 2 cells together; 1 with contents and comments, 1 empty cell.
    When I merge 2 cells (vertically) together of witch the bottom cell contains the data and comments, why does the comments disappear and the content stays?
    I want to keep them both.
    And secondly, when I unmerge the same two cells (with comments and contents), why does the top cell contains always these data after unmerging, and not the bottom cell?
    How do I solve these problems?

    roland, belgium

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    Re: mergecells and comments (1)

    When merging, Excel keeps the contents and comment of the top cell; those of the bottom cell are lost. When unmerging, the contents and comment are placed in the top cell; the bottom cell will be blank. Why? Just a design decision, I think.

    Not much you can do about it. I fear you will have to live with it, unless you want to create your own macros to merge and unmerge.

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