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    View/Print Dimensions of Floor Plan (2003 Professional)


    When drawing a floor plan in Visio, I notice that when you have a wall selected it shows it's dimensions above it in gray. Is there a way to make these dimensions always visible (without having to select the walls first) so that they could also be printed with the drawing? I know you could type them above the wall, but I would like them to automatically change if the drawing is resized.


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    Re: View/Print Dimensions of Floor Plan (2003 Professional)

    This is copied from Visio help

    <big>Add height and width dimension fields to a shape</big>

    1. <LI>Double-click a shape to open its text block, and then move the insertion point to the place in the text block where you want to insert the width field.
      <LI>On the Insert menu, click Field, and then do the following:
      1. <LI>In the Category list, click Geometry.
        <LI>In the Field list, click Width.
        <LI>In the Format list, click the format in which you want the field information to appear.
      <LI>Click OK.
      <LI>Place the insertion point in the shape's text block after the width number, type a space, and then type x or by. Then type another space.
      <LI>Repeat steps 2 and 3 above, but click Height instead of Width.
      <LI>To view these fields in action, resize the shape.

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