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    winXP and RHLinux9.0

    Have WinXP home on ide0 and Redhat Linux9.0 on ide1. All worked fine using Win98se. Changed motherboard to a SOYO SY-KT600, mem to 768mb of 2100 DDR. OS to XPhome. Did a clean install of XP. Loaded Linux with GRUB boot loader - letting Linux CD format ide1 and place GRUB on ide0. Now when I choose Linux at the GRUB OS question I get error "kernel panic - tried to kill init!" I tried disconnecting hardware, all USB connections and reformatted and reloaded Linux several times. Tried to boot from Linux CD with no hardware detection - still get same error. Any suggestions?

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    Re: winXP and RHLinux9.0

    It could be a few things. First, bad media, but Idoubt it. I'm thinking its a compatibility issue with a piece of hardware. I've seen this alot on laptop with the power management module in the kernel.

    Since Redhat 9 is at its end-of-life, try downloading Fedora.
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