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    Outlook Mail

    I've got a little vb program that automatically creates some email with outlook. I get a warning message that a program is accessing outlook and I have the option to allow it (including a time period). But then I have to ok each and every email (24 in total - dull but not too bad).

    Is there a way that I can authorise it once and then walk away - sort of get outlook to 'trust' my vb program (digital signiture maybe?).

    Or can I hold off on the .send and .save them instead then .send them as one block - will outlook ask for permission when saving or is it only the .send command that it worries about?

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    Re: Outlook Mail


    I did that in a previous lifetime. It was a little more complicated, but basically I created an Outlook macro that did the work and, yes, I did put a digital signature on it. That way, it only complained whenever I made a modification to the macro - telling me that I was writing to a protected file (or something similar). But the upshot is that you will have this macro in an .OTM file that is loaded when that copy of Outlook is started.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to respond.

    Hope that helps.

    Brian A

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