I use the default auto-archive settings for everything in Outlook, except for e-mail. For my e-mail I have a number of action folders (e.g. "Read", "Print", "Action", "Waiting", etc.) and one folder called "Archive", in which I dump everything, including my sent mail. The action folders are set to never auto-archive. The Archive folder is set to auto-archive all messages over one day old. Auto-archive is scheduled to run daily.

This set up is on a new computer and I just set up outlook for it, downloaded over 4000 messages and dumped them into the Archive folder. These messages go back months. But they are not being archived. Even when I try to manually archive using the File>Archive settings, it doesn't work. I could just select all and drag them to the archive's "Archive" folder, but I would rather automate this. I can not figure out why this folder will not auto or manually archive. I've searched MS support materials and this list, but have found nothing that is on point.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, suggestions, or answers,

Thank you,