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    Security of 'Reference' Folder (Outlook 98, 97)

    I just received the latest issue of OFFICE FOR MERE MORTALS in which the author says: "I have a folder of 'reference' items, login names and passwords for various web sites, account numbers for Fedex, bank accounts and the like."

    I also have a reference folder, probably from following Woody's advice several years ago. My question is, how secure is this folder? If someone were able to get past my firewall, could they look at the "Reference" folder items and see my passwords & usernames?

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    Re: Security of 'Reference' Folder (Outlook 98, 97)

    If they can get to your PST, and your PST is not encrypted and password protected, yes. (When you create a new PST, you are given options of encyryption and password protection.)

    I keep my passwords and personal information in an encrypted password protected application on my Palm Pilot (LockBox from CodeCubed); see if there is something equivalent in the Software Finds and Wants Forum that will work on your PC.
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