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    Data Files Not Closed Properly (XP SP3)

    I have a problem with Outlook XP that is very common and apparently known to Microsoft but nothing is being done about it. Regardless of how I close Outlook, the next time I open it (possibly only when Windows is started) I get a message or messages saying that one or more of my personal data files was not closed properly. This happens even if none of the files had been opened in the previous session.
    I have found numerous posts on this subject which indicate there is no solution and blame it on Office XP SP3.

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    Re: Data Files Not Closed Properly (XP SP3)

    Although I've recently switched to Outlook 2003, I don't recall having this problem on Outlook 2002 SP3 except on rare occasions. Usually, the problem is caused by some other software keeping a file open (e.g., a PDA sync program or, in our case, part of our document management system). Carefully shutting down all other software before logging out of Windows might help. I now close one particular program first, to make sure that it has its hands out of Outlook's files when I close Outlook.

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