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    Word 2k (and others): How to block 'web toolbar'?

    I have a question concerning automatic opening of toolbars. When one opens a document with hyperlinks in Word2000, or even accidentally clicks on a hyperlink, Word automatically opens the toolbar called "web." I don't want this to happen; I don't want Word to EVER tell me what toolbars it thinks I need to have open, let alone open them for me and screw up my toolbar layout. If I need a web feature, I'm perfectly capable of putting it onto my own toolbar. This is a problem for me because I have a moderate visual impairment. I rely upon being able to move the cursor to certain locations on the screen without wearing myself out tracking it by eye. When Word opens a toolbar--especially a toolbar for functions I DON'T WANT in a word-processing document--I can no longer do so, and it takes a good half-minute or so to close the toolbar manually.

    Is there a solution for this? It's a major annoyance, and seems related to the moronic decision to make every TOC entry a hyperlink (which I have yet to find a way to permanently eliminate--searching for the link code and deleting it globally only works until one regenerates the table!). At a minimum, would someone please tell the 'softies that those of us with moderate visual impairments have enough trouble with Windows without their stupid ideas on how to "help" being mandatory? I always thought the distinction between Windows and the Mac was that Windows made things possible without mandating them, but that is obviously changing.

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    Re: Word 2k (and others): How to block 'web toolbar'?

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