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    Font-size in table styles (Word 2003)

    I have created a table using one of the standard styles (in this case "Table Simple 2"). However, I want to adjust the font-size from the standard 12 down to 10. So I go into the Modify Style window for that style. For some reason the font size box is empty; and when I type 10 into the font size, the '10' disappears as soon as focus is removed from the box. When I press OK to see the effect, there is none: the table's font stays at size 12.

    However, when I do the same and change it to any other number, say 10.5 or 9, no problem: the font size box indicates 10.5 (or 9) and the table reflects these changes when I click OK.

    What's going on?

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    Re: Font-size in table styles (Word 2003)

    This is a bug; it's mentioned in lots of newsgroup threads. The only workaround is to set the font size for the Normal style to 10; the table styles take their default font size from Normal.

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