We have looked at the Word 97 Security Update at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/9798/wd97wcrs.aspx>Microsoft</A>, and we are wondering if it will make a difference in our case.

At the above link, Microsoft states that the problem is:

<hr>Under normal circumstances, you will see a warning in Word 97 when you open a document attached to a template containing macros. However, it is possible for an RTF document to be linked to a template containing macros in such a way that a macro can run with no warning issued.<hr>

Then they state the results of the applying the fix:

<hr>After you have installed the update, you will be warned before you open an RTF document that contains a template or macro. <hr>

Now here is our question.

By default, we have turned off macro virus protection (Tools, Options, General). This decision was made some time back; I do not know all the history. I have been told, however, that it was off because it interferred with our own macro system.

(I just now tried the system and I found out why. When we go to retrieve/open a file created with our system, we get the macro warning dialog box if the macro virus protection is turned on. This was determined unsatisfactory. Since I was not part of the decision, discussing the wisdom of this action may not be fruitful.)

It appears from Microsoft's information that if you have virus protection turned off, you won't see the dialog box anyway. Is that what would happen?

Which, if that is the case, would make applying this update moot.