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    Inches vs Centimeters (97/SR-2)

    I'm on a global team that is developing training materials with PPT 97. Some of our team members are in countries that use the metric system. Our PPT templates use inches. We know how to change all of the Regional Settings to inches from metric, but our non-USA team members need to use inches for the PPT training material for this project only. All of their other applications (and other uses of PPT) need to stay metric.

    Is there any way this can be done? If not and if they develop their materials in metric and send them to the US, can we quickly and easily change all of their materials to inches?

    Also, if a PPT is developed in one unit of measurement and opened on another system using a different unit of measurement, what will happen?


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    Re: Inches vs Centimeters (97/SR-2)

    Unlike Word, PowerPoint has no measurrement settings of its own - it always uses the Windows settings from the Regional Options (or Regional and Language Options) control panel. If a presentation has been designed using inches, it will still display the ruler in inches if it is opened on a system with metric Windows settings, and vice versa.
    The only way for the non-USA team members to use inches is to change their Windows settings temporarily.

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