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    Creating Totals in a Query (Access 2003)

    Let's suppose I have 3 fields in a query. The 1st field is Number (or Amount) of Items; 2nd field is Cost per Item; 3rd field is a Calculated field mupltiplying the 1st times the 2nd to get a Total Inventory Amt. Ultimately, this results in a complete total of all items. Is there a way to create a new field that will total all amounts found in the 3rd field and show it in the query as a 4th field? Thanks in advance for any info!!

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    Re: Creating Totals in a Query (Access 2003)

    It doesn't make much sense to display the sum in a 4th field. Instead, create a new query based on the one with the 3 columns, add the 3rd column to the query grid, select View | Totals and change the Total option to Sum.

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