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    Word 2000's new page setup feature?

    I'm building and converting a document (8X11) to be in a booklet format (5X8); 95% of the time, the code works fine except this line of code: "ActiveDocument.Sections(numSection).PageSetup.Two PagesOnOne = True"
    will misbehave at times; causes a page break to move up, and throws off the page numbering. I'm frustrated, can anyone relate?!

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    Re: Word 2000's new page setup feature?


    Not having played with this specific feature, I can't offer any specific leads, but some general comments:

    Controlling Word sections via code tends to create a lot of seemingly flaky results; these can usually be pinned down to a statement acting on a specific location in the document that is other than what you are expecting.

    A clunky but effective debug method for these things is to temporarily add in lots of Selection.TypeText and MsgBox statements to track the progress of the code when you test it by stepping through the code line by line - things along the lines of:

    Selection.TypeText Text:="Selection should currently be just after the new section break."
    MsgBox "We should now be in the footer of the new section."

    It's a clumsy method but helps in visualizing what's going on as all the page setup steps get played out.


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    Re: Word 2000's new page setup feature?


    Thanks for your response. I'll give this a try.


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