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    W95 virus scan and removal?

    Is there still software out there for scanning and virus removal for W95? My cousin uses W95 almost entirely for email and word processing, extremely little web browsing (his daughter's web site) but his computer has taken to not shutting down properly and the backup (to floppies) software has quit working, so I wondered if he might have goten a virus. Or perhaps one of you has another idea what pickle he might be in?

    Thank you!

    Judy M

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    Re: W95 virus scan and removal?

    Free avast! 4 Home Edition - Free antivirus software - free virus protection for home PC works on Windows 95, as does Panda Software - Products - Panda ActiveScan - Online virus scanner.

    Another useful product is Spybot - Search & Destroy (free); it works on Windows 95 with a Winsock update (details available from the linked page).

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    Re: W95 virus scan and removal?

    Hi Judy,

    I'm sure that any of the AV products out there will do just fine scanning a W95 system......... on the software side of things. If the hardware is as old as the OS then it may pose problems. The system requirements of the newer software might make them incompattable with an old Windows 95 box that is likely pre Pentium II with about 16MB of RAM. I'll poke around on Google and see if I can find something that will meet your needs. <img src=/S/crossfingers.gif border=0 alt=crossfingers width=17 height=16>

    <font color=red>Edited by Doc to add.....</font color=red> AVG seems to fit the requirements and it's <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15>. Works with W95, but needs IE5 or higher with that OS. HTH
    <IMG SRC=>

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