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    Scrolling text good or bad

    I am desining a site for someone and would like an opinion on scrolling text as to its advantages and disadvantages.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Re: Scrolling text good or bad

    Scrolling text:
    Left to right, as in 'Marquee'?
    Top to bottom like film credits?

    I am not a great fan of either as I find I'm either too slow or too fast at reading, or in the top to bottom style, it is very frustrating if you miss the beginning.

    I believe they will require scripting of some sort to run - if the viewer doesn't have that enabled, they won't see it and not all browsers may support the Marquee tag.

    It really comes down to what kind of site it is and who it is aimed at. The BBC News site has a 'ticker tape' headline which gives the impression of news coming in 'hot off the wire', but I tend to ignore it because by the time it has finished scrolling and I've digested what it has said, it has disappeared along with it's hyperlink.

    When all is said and done, the best sites are those that are easy to read and navigate, and moving text is not going to appeal to everyone.

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