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    building a query (Access 2000)

    Can somebody help me ? I want to build a query that gives me those products that
    do not exist in the other table.I have 2 tables, products and preisliste.In the table products there are products having a code that does not exist in the table presiliste, or the code is different. In my query query1 i get the results for those products that have a corresponding code in the table presiliste.For example, the missing products are Nr 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etx and i want
    to have a query that gives me only these missing products
    I attach the database

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    Re: building a query (Access 2000)

    Open your query in design view.
    Double click the line joining the two tables.
    Select the second option ("Include ALL records from 'products' and only those records from 'preisliste' where the joined fields are equal")
    Click OK.
    Enter Is Null in the Criteria line under the Code field from preisliste.
    That's it! If you wish, you can clear the 'Show' check box for the Code field from preisliste.

    You could also have created this query by clicking New in the Queries section of the database window, and selecting Find Unmatched Query Wizard. This wizard will ask you a few questions, then create the query for you.

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