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    TOC using RD Field

    I really thought that this would be simple.

    Using Word 97 SR 2

    I have one Main Document.
    I have number of sub documents.

    I want to include the main Heading styles of each sub document in a TOC in the
    Main document.

    I thought the easy way to do this was.

    1. Insert a TOC field in the Main Document
    2. Follow the TOC field by a series of RD fields
    {RD "FileNameofSubDocument1"}
    {RD "FileNameofSubDocument2"}

    The TOC that is created places the TOC entries for the sub document BEFORE the entries
    for the Main Document. I don't want this. I want them to be in the order.

    TOC entries for Main Document
    TOC entries for Sub Document 1
    TOC entries for Sub Document 2

    Word just seems to do this back to front!

    What am I doing wrong or is this just Word?

    Many thanks to anyone who can help

    Colin Menzies

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    Re: TOC using RD Field

    Since it sounds like this is the structure:

    RD Fields
    main Document

    and you are getting the TOC results of

    Sub documents
    Main Document

    I would guess that you need to put the RD fields after the main document, in other words, at the end of the main document instead of at the beginning.

    Give that a try.

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    Re: TOC using RD Field

    Hi JustCallMeAL

    Many thanks, such a simple thing when you know.


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