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    Resize display (MS Office 2003)

    I am in the process of createing forms using VB6, MS Office 2003. I have only one problem right now, and that is resolution on the Monitors. My system is set at 1280 x 1024. Where we have over 30 PC.s i can safely say that we will have at least 10 different resolutions. Is there a way that the forms can check the resolution on the PC where it is opened and resize itself?

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    Re: Resize display (MS Office 2003)

    I never resize forms based on the screen resolution; instead, I design forms for the smallest resolution I have to support.

    Code to determine screen resolution can be found here:
    ACC2000: How to Determine the Current Screen Resolution (not specific to Access)
    Determining the Available Screen Real Estate

    This Google Search: vb6 resize form will turn up code and utilities to resize forms.

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