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    Permissions for sub-folders (Outlook 2000)

    I can give someone permission to view, edit, etc. the contents of my Inbox, but what I want is to grant permission for a specific sub-folder in my Inbox.
    If I grant "Reviewer" permission for the Inbox, the other user can see the contents of my Inbox (don't like this), but can't see any of the sub-folders (useless).
    Sue Mosher's book does not specifically exclude this functionality (P. 495)
    Am I asking for something that's not there?

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    Re: Permissions for sub-folders (Outlook 2000)

    I recently tried to use Delegation and Permissions and got really mixed up. It appears that if you use the Delegation feature first, Outlook automatically percolates the permissions down the tree, but if you first try to assign specific users Reviewer permission to particular folders, then Outlook requires you to do everything manually. I set this up in early January so I don't remember the details, except that a lot of cursing was involved because I have many, many folders.

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