Hi all,

I've read a couple of threads here on some of the unpleasant side-effects of using Acrobat 7's PDF dll. I recently installed A7 and noticed the following:

A custom item I put on the menu bar of my own global template was tampered with and then obliterated. At first, Acrobat changed the name of the menu item to "Acrobat Commands" but left my menu items in the pull-down. Then, after a while, it didn't show up at all. The menu was still in the add-in template, but never displayed. And it did retain the Acrobat Comments label.

A custom toolbar which is locked - this one saved in normal.dot - was stripped of its buttons. <img src=/S/yikes.gif border=0 alt=yikes width=15 height=15> ! I guess it might have done away with it completely if it hadn't been locked.

**** Additional info: It also changed the menu bar of a regular template -- and displayed Acrobat Comments in place of my menu. Reset the menu in that template and it was gone, but sheesh!****

After uninstalling the Office integration, this anti-social behavior stopped, but I had to reset the normal menu bar before my menu item would reappear.

Has anyone else been assaulted with these kinds of symptoms and had any luck solving them? I can live without Acrobat 7 (I still have 5 on another computer), but some of my clients may experience these nasties (especially the abuse the toolbar took!). I've not had much luck searching Adobe's site but maybe someone else has? Puhleeeeze - any insight will help.