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    Programmatically Word as Editor in Outlook

    Programmatically from Word (97), I must copy the formatted text from a Word document and paste it into an e-mail message and with character formatting being retained (i.e., bold, underline). Paragraph formatting is not necessary.

    We are using Outlook 2000 (most of us) and we are NOT using Word as the editor.

    But, I need to have the Outlook mailitem editor changed, programmatically, to Word, the text pasted (retaining the formatting), and the editor changed back so Word is not the editor.

    I have seen code for this once, but I can't find it now.

    Assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Programmatically Word as Editor in Outlook

    After a considerable searching and a little bit if deviousness, I found the code to which I was referring.

    It was the FormDescription property of the MailItem. It can be set to UseWordMail like:

    <pre>MailItem.FormDescription.UseWordMail = True</pre>

    Once you drill your way to the MailItem, you can go from there.

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