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    File Open Dialogue (Word 2000)

    When I hit File | Open (or Ctrl-O), I get a list of recently edited files, with the cursor in a box below the list. I'd prefer to have the cursor at the top of the list, on the most recently edited file, so I can cursor down to the file I want.

    Is there a way of doing this?

    Many thanks.


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    Re: File Open Dialogue (Word 2000)

    You can press Shift+Tab immediately after opening the dialog to move the focus to the list of documents.

    You can create a macro named FileOpen in a module in your It will "hijack" the built in command.

    Sub FileOpen()
    SendKeys "+{Tab}"
    End Sub

    The macro opens the Open dialog and sends Shift+Tab to it. This works for me if I select File | Open... and if I click the Open button on the standard toolbar. For some reason, the Shift+Tab is ignored if I press Ctrl+O.

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