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    Edit multiple docs at one time (Word 2003)

    I have several hundred docs in an employee manual. I need to edit the header. Is there a way to do all or several at one time?

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    Re: Edit multiple docs at one time (Word 2003)

    Depending on how the files are constructed, there is most likely no global way to update all the files without using VBA coding.

    The basic process to code this is to create a macro which modifies one of your files and then call this macro from another macro that opens each file in turn and runs the macro before saving and closing the file.

    The hard part is getting that magic macro to process your file and ensuring that it works correctly on every file in your set. Different Headers and Footers reside in multiple sections and probably need to adapt for landscape or portrait as well as inconsistent page setups and style differences.

    You can find code on this forum to iterate through files in <post#=263669>post 263669</post#>. You can modify this basic skeleton to perform the iterative task.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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