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    All data files are 'read only' and 'not accessible (XP PRO - SP2)

    I'm in deep yoghurt here, and hoping someone can bail me out.

    Suddenly, all my 80GB of data files are marked "read only", but when I try to fix that, I'm told that "access is denied". I keep all data files on one disk (F, and all software on C: to make backup simpler, and maybe increase speed of execution. System has been working great, but now today, every file and folder on F: is marked "read only" (right-click on folder name | Properties and the Read-Only box has the green marker in it).

    No problem, says I, being Administrator on the system --- I un-check the read-only box and click Apply. The system then tells me that "access is denied". But I'm the Administrator I say, but that doesn't seem to help a bit!! Grrrrr...

    Does someone have an idea as to what to do next, before I throw this marvelous|terrible thing out the window?


    Bob Chapman

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    Re: All data files are 'read only' and 'not access

    Have a look here. Do any of these articles help?
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