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    Saving Emails in Access (XP)

    I would like, if it is at all possible, to be able while in Access to read and store an email. We have a mailout list and the email has an unsubscribe URL as a part of the body. The recipient can use this link to inform us that they no longer require to be a part of that mailout. II would like to be able to do one of two actions (pointers to both would be greatly appreciated though).

    1. Create a form in Outlook that dirrectly exports the data to this Access database.
    2. Using Access to open the email and export the details (Sender, Topic, Body, Attachments - paths only should suffice) into one or more tables (one for the email, one for the attachments) in Access.

    Thank you


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    Re: Saving Emails in Access (XP)

    The section Outlook >>> Access in Helen Feddema's Code Samples shows how to transfer data from Outlook to Access. The examples are for contacts, but can be modified for e-mails.

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