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    Unhide window (Access 2000)

    In the beginning of the OnOpen event of my form i have the command
    RunCommand acCmdWindowHide
    after the processing of the tables, wich i do not want to be observed, i finsih with
    RunCommand acCmdWindowUnHide
    However Access shows a table called Undidewindow.I have to click Ok and then
    the process is finished.
    I have tried with
    DoCmd.SetWarnings True
    but the message constinues to appear.
    How can i avoid this problem?

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    Re: Unhide window (Access 2000)

    You can turn off screen updating with

    DoCmd.Echo False

    and turn it on later with

    DoCmd.Echo True

    If you prefer to use thr RunCommand instructions, try this:

    SendKeys "{Enter}"
    RunCommand acCmdWindowUnHide

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