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    Table to appear row by row (2003)

    I have inserted a table in powerpoint. I like it to show row by row (by mouse click). It it possible ? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Table to appear row by row (2003)

    A table is a single object; PowerPoint can only apply effects to an object as a whole. You can simulate what you want as follows:

    Say that your table contains 4 rows.
    Create 3 copies of the slide with the table, so that you now have as many slides with the table as there are rows.
    Go to the first of these slided. Use the Table button on the Tables and Borders toolbar to delete rows 2, 3 and 4.
    Go to the second slide. Delete rows 3 and 4.
    Go to the third slide. Delete row 4.
    The fourth slide remains intact.
    When you move from slide to slide in the presentation, it is as if the rows are added one by one.

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