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    Merging using HTML (2002)

    I received an e-mail that was generated using the software from Constant Contact.
    I'd like to be able to take that (html) e-mail and use it along with additional text of my own and do a mail merge that would enter first names into my personal message.

    Whenever I select the contacts in Outlook, it appears the only option I have is to merge into a Word doc. What am I missing here?

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    Re: Merging using HTML (2002)

    I'm not sure I can help with the Constant Contact part of the question, but here's some information that may get you started. My menus are from Outlook 2003, I'll try it in 2002 later and edit the post if I need to.

    Outlook uses Word's merge engine, but you can merge to e-mail and Outlook will send the e-mails. The process I use goes something like this:

    In Outlook, select your target Contacts. (I don't do this much, so I found it easiest to first create an "e-mail table" View of Contacts, containing the 'Display As' and 'E-Mail Address' Fields, then I select the Contacts from that table View.) Then Select Tools | Mail Merge, and in the dialog, click the radio buttons for 'Only Selected Contacts', 'All Contact Fields'*, 'New Document', and in the 'Merge To' Dropdown, select 'E-mail' and fill in the 'Subject Line' message box.

    Click OK and you get thrown into Word. The Mail Merge TB should be available; if not bring it up via View | Toolbars. Then find the Main Document Setup icon (in 2003, the leftmost on the TB), click it and select 'E-mail messages' | OK. Then paste in the text you want (presumably from your source e-mail), and from the various icons select the fields you want; there's an Insert Merge Field button which will let you insert the First name from the (Outlook Contact) Database Fields. Finally, click the 'Merge to E-mail' icon (in 2003 far right of the TB) | OK, and off they go as e-mails from Outlook, including the merged field data such as first name.

    HTH. (Maybe someone knows an easier way?)

    * If you select 'Contact Fields in Current View', you will need the First name of the Contact in the source View to use the First name of the Contact in the merged message.
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