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    Will Changing Template to Add-In Help? (2000/XP/2003)

    I've got a Word template with a lot of automation currently hovering at about 1500K. (I'm sure I could trim that down some with a full unload/reload but Visual SourceSafe makes that a royal pain).

    I've noticed some Word behavior gets worse with large templates, especially known hazards such as Track Changes that my users are addicted to.

    Would changing this code over to a VB-based addin be likely to improve performance and reliability?
    Can Word addins hook to internal macro names such as "EditPaste" and "ShowAll"? Does this happen through the use of the Dim WithEvents on the Word App?

    Please advise,

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    Re: Will Changing Template to Add-In Help? (2000/XP/2003)

    I don't know whether moving the code to an add-in would help (I don't know what "a VBA-based addin" is), but a macro in and add-in named after a built-in command will overrule that command. So if you have a macro named EditPaste in a module in an add-in, it will automatically be executed when the user selects Edit | Paste, clicks the Paste button or presses Ctrl+V. There is no need for application level events for this. You would need application level events for instance if you want to react to switching between open documents.

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