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    Web page not viewing correctly in all browsers

    I am tying to get my web page viewable in all browsers but for some reason it is only viewable in IE correctly and not other browsers such as Firefox.
    See attachment for CSS file and index.html file.
    I have not yet ftp'd files to server so cannot give out a web address as do not want to do this until this issue is resolved.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Re: Web page not viewing correctly in all browsers

    If you temporarily add border: solid thin blue; to your style sheet for #maintextbox, you'll see that IE is happy with your nesting of DIV tags and Firefox is not. You can nest DIVs in FF -- the #header and #navbar nest into #container as desired -- but it doesn't seem to be working properly in this case. If you remove float: left; from the style definition for #lefttext it seems to work as intended.

    Also, the navbar's width is handled differently by the two browsers, with IE stretching the outer boundary to fit and FF letting it stick out on the right side. Changing padding: 1%; under #navbar to padding-top: 1%; padding-bottom: 1%; fixes it.

    Hope this helps!

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