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    Security issue (97Sr2)

    I have a payroll system that is secured using access group security. This works great however I encountered another problem. In this payroll system, there are various menus to allow only the managers of that area to enter data. Example: SPA, General Operations, Youth Fitness. They is only one manager for the SPA and Youth Fitness but under the General there are several managers. How can I secure the "employees" so only their manager can view their records and not the other managers that use the same menu? Currently, all managers have access to all the employees in the General Category. This is not a good thing.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Security issue (97Sr2)

    Assuming that you have a field specifying the manager of an employee, and that this corresponds with the names the managers use to log into the database, you can create queries with CurrentUser() in the criteria line for the manager field, and use these queries as record source for the forms. If you use some kind of ManagerID, you can use an extra table to take care of the translation between login names and ManagerIDs.

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