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    Text Box with prompt (PowerPoint 2000)

    Is there a way to replicate the Text Box with the disappearing text that appears on slide layouts - the most obvious being the one that prompts the user to "Click to add title"? I'd like to be able to do this in Excel. When the user selects the text box the text is unaffected, but when the user clicks on the text itself it disappears only to re-appear if the user does not type anything.

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    Re: Text Box with prompt (PowerPoint 2000)

    That kind of text box is custom made for PowerPoint, but you can simulate is to some degree. I have attached a zipped Excel workbook with a text box on a userform; if the text box is empty, its border is visible, but if the text box contains text, it is borderless. View the code behind the userform to see how it is done.

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