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    Opening linked data 'quickly' on startup (um, 97)

    I have a spreadsheet that links to an external data source (using DDE, can't change this). I have a shell command in Workbook_Open() which starts the external application.
    When the spreadsheet is opened, a message appears "..contains links to ..update this workbook..?" to which the user responds yes. Then there's another message "Remote data not accessible..start IOSDDE.exe? Since this is not the name of the external application, the user clicks no.
    Now, all the data goes to #REF! and then the external application starts. The #REF! symbols are not updated until the user forces a write to the external data source, and then all data is displayed correctly happily ever after.

    Can I shift the shell command or otherwise get the external application to start earlier (preferably from within excel, could use a batch file I suppose) to avoid the message "Remote data is not accessible.." and also avoid those yukky #REF! symbols?


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    Re: Opening linked data 'quickly' on startup (um, 97)

    You could create an otherwise blank workbook that starts the external operation, then opens your workbook with the links. But you would have to teach your users to open this workbook instead of opening the one with the links directly...
    ( I suppose you wouldn't want to start the external application each time they start Excel)

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