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    Compiled Help Files (XP)

    Years ago with Access 97 I used to be able to write help files associated with a specific database. At that time, I used an Australian product name HDK.

    My organisation no longer uses HDK but I need to write a help file for a large Access XP database I am building. I expect that I would still be using the HelpContextID associated with each control but haven't the first idea what package to use.

    Therefore, what I would like is twofold.
    1. The names of any good help file generators, preferably compiling them to a compiled help file format. (.chm)
    2. The titles of any good manuals associated with the recommended help file generator.

    I have at home a utility called "Microsoft Help Workshop" but don't know a thing about it - whether or not it could be used - nor do I know how to use it.

    Any suggestions.


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    Re: Compiled Help Files (XP)

    If you want to create context sensitive help, you still need to use Windows Help files (.hlp), not HTML Help files (.chm). See Adding Help to Your Office Application (Microsoft Office XP Developer).

    Microsoft Help Workshop is a compiler for .hlp files, but it doesn't contain tools for creating the necessary source files. If you do a Google search for winhelp authoring you'll find lots of utilities for that, many of them free.

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